Listings, Buyers and Multiple offers

In today’s market most Real Estate agents are finding that listings are scarce, buyers are abundant and multiple offers are inevitable. So how do you find time for you? Well to help you keep your business booming and your family happy, we suggest you start using Fidelity Agent. What is Fidelity Agent you ask? It is a time saving app that allows you to create buyers estimates, sellers net sheets, and keep your sellers up to date as multiple offers roll in, all in seconds. Don’t take my word for it, download the app today or contact me with any questions.

iPhone – App Store – FidelityAgent 2.0

Android – Play Store – FidelityAgent 2.0

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Zillow gives you FREE leads!

Most of us have heard of Zillow, but have you heard about “Make me move?” This is a feature that Zillow offers, free of charge. These are consumers who have signed up for Zillow, added personal information, and added a “make me move” price. I don’t know about you, but I look at this and see a ton of potential listings! So what are you waiting for? Check out your territory on “make me move” today!

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