What is Title Insurance?

Ever wondered why you need Title insurance when buying or selling your home? I’ll address some of the most common questions about title and share with you a video below from The Petty Team with RE/MAX DFW Associates.

So what is Title Insurance?
– An insurance policy that provides coverage for future claims or future losses due to title defects that occurred prior to your acquisition of the

Why do I need Title Insurance?
– When you purchase a home, you are making what is most likely the largest investment of your lifetime. You want to be sure
it’s protected against a possible loss due to problems with the
title. In addition, title insurance also protects you against
hidden risks that are not discoverable by a search and examination of
those public records, including forgery, fraudulent impersonation, and
other errors in the records.

How much does Title Insurance cost?
– Well that all depends on the value of your property. Title insurance, unlike auto insurance, is a one time fee paid at closing.

Here is a quick video that The Petty Team put together to give you more information on Title Insurance.

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